4 Reasons Your Garage Door May Not be Working Properly

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4 Reasons Your Garage Door May Not be Working Properly

It’s dark. You’ve had a bad day and the rain is coming down so hard that you’re half convinced you saw Chicken Little standing at that last intersection, holding up a big sign about how the sky is falling.

You’re also a bit cranky, which is probably because you were so busy at work today that you forgot to eat lunch.

All you want to do is get home, order a pizza and curl up with ESPN.

But, as luck would have it, when you get home (and try to open your garage door), well, let’s just say your door has other things in mind. No matter how many times you press on the remote, it just won’t budge.


Top 4 reasons your garage door isn’t cooperating with you

Before you start to pull your hair out, you’ll want to start with the obvious—which involves checking the batteries in your garage door opener.  If you haven’t swapped out the batteries in “gosh only knows how long,” this could be the root of your problem. If your garage door opener isn’t getting any juice, it won’t be able to transmit a signal to the motor.

Second, if something has fallen into the garage door’s path, your door may be activating a safety feature, which would prohibit it from opening and closing. If the door opens a little bit, but quickly reverses direction, there’s a chance that something in your garage may have fallen over.

If your batteries are good to go and you’re not dealing with an obstruction, you may want to give the garage door pulley system a once over. If the cables are broken, your garage door won’t open or close properly. As we’ve stated in prior posts, fixing garage door cables isn’t something you should try to handle on your own. If your pulleys or cables are broken, call ATR Garage Door Repair today to schedule an appointment.

Another thing you’ll want to consider is your garage door springs. Yes, they are meant to last a long time, but they won’t last forever. If you’re at home, and you hear a loud metal-sounding noise coming from your garage, this could mean one of your garage door springs has broken. (Springs are under an incredible amount of tension; when one fails, projectile pieces have a tendency to go flying.) If you suspect your garage door isn’t working because one or more of its springs has failed, call Above the Rest Garage Door Repair right away. We’ll be happy to send an experienced technician to your home to help investigate the problem.

Experienced, trusted garage door repair company in Colorado Springs

If your garage door isn’t working, or it’s not working as well as it should be, we can help. When you contact Above the Rest Garage Door Repair you can trust that you’ll be hiring a local service provider that has the know how and the experience to help get your garage door back up and running.

Colorado Springs homeowners can call 719-499-0491 to speak with a trusted garage door expert today.

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