Above the Rest Garage Door’s DIY Tips To Spruce Up Your Door

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Above the Rest Garage Door’s DIY Tips To Spruce Up Your Door

Not quite mentally or financially ready to replace your garage door? Still want to upgrade your curb appeal? No problem.

At Above the Rest Garage Door, we offer quality design solutions and consultation to our Colorado Springs homeowners, and we take pride in making sure you’re proud of your home. Our experts are well versed in the signs of when it’s time to replace, and many homeowners are simply not there yet in the life of their garage doors. In the interest of making our clients happy and saving them money in the process, we’ve put together a few easy tricks for freshening up the look of your existing garage door without shelling out cash on an unnecessary replacement.

These are the very best ways to clean up your home’s allure on your own, in as little as a few hours over your next open weekend. Plus, the project itself could be a memorable and fun way to get your family in on a little home improvement.

If you’re looking to add a new texture or material to your door, consider wooden accents and metal accessories that are manufactured to go on existing doors. These include bolts, handles, or decorative hinges, which can add a pop of color and symmetry to an existing doo. If you’re looking to change the color, go ahead and use primer before applying a fresh coat of paint to your garage door. Now, whether you’re adding a pop of color or making your home look uniform from the street, be sure to have a few paint options on hand. Once the paint is dry, you can add any cross-beams or accents as you see fit. Keep in mind that if your garage door is an electric sectional door, wooden cross beams must be cut to open at the door’s natural hinges as it lifts and closes.

Next if you want to add the effect of having windows without sacrificing a bit of insulation or getting a brand new door, simply take a look at steps to paint faux window panels. Often times these can be painted on using black enamel. Be sure to measure, tape, and sand down the future surface of your faux window panes before applying the paint, or it will not stick to your door or chip easily over time. The enamel will make the paint look reflective, giving the job a truer glassy effect. You may be able to tell the windows are fake up close, but the added mystery it provides from the curb may even increase your home’s value.

Finally, we’ll talk about lights. This is often the final step and cherry on top of a do-it-yourself renovation project, and add a bit of style and security to your home. This is another topic we’ve gone into detail about on this blog, and overlooking exterior lighting can be a huge missed opportunity when it comes to home design and resale value. Home Improvement stores often have timers and other accessories to install these lights with so you can be sure to save money and make the lights as user-friendly as possible.

When you are finally ready for a garage door replacement – or can’t decide if your home requires one or not based on your garage door’s functional state – call an expert at Above the Rest Garage Door today. We’ll be there for you from day one, committed to offering well-informed, professional grade services that are guaranteed to last.

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