Don’t Replace Your Garage Door Until You Consider These 4 Things

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Don’t Replace Your Garage Door Until You Consider These 4 Things

If you’ve found this blog post, it’s probably because you’ve been doing some online research about replacing, repairing or upgrading your garage door system.

If you’re leaning toward upgrading or replacing what you already have, you’ll want to consider the following points before you pull out your credit card.

  • Your Colorado Springs homeowner’s insurance policy might cover the expense. If you need to replace your garage door because it’s old and repairing it just isn’t an option, you’re out of luck. On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a new system because your teenager, your spouse or your in-laws backed a car into it, your homeowner’s policy might cover the cost. The best thing you can do is to contact your insurance provider, explain why you’re looking at a replacement, and find out what is, and what isn’t covered.
  • Was your garage door damaged during a break-in? If your garage door was vandalized or damaged as a result of a crime, the repair (or replacement) may also be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.  In this case, it’s likely your insurance provider will want you to submit a copy of the police report along with your claim.
  • Storm damage may also be covered. Colorado Springs is beautiful, but that’s not to say it’s exempt from the occasional bout of extreme weather. If the glass on your garage door was damaged during a hail storm, or it was damaged due to flying debris during a recent wind storm, there’s chance your insurance policy may cover your garage door repair or replacement costs. Keep in mind, homeowner’s policies generally don’t cover damage from things such as earthquakes or floods.
  • Wood doors are beautiful, but maintenance is often expensive. If you’ve squared things away with your insurance company or if you’ve come to realize you’ll need to pay out of pocket for a new garage door system, the next step involves choosing your new door.At Above the Rest Garage Door Repair we always let our clients know that while wooden garage door systems are certainly beautiful, the expense of maintaining them can be significant. The finish will need to be recoated periodically and if this is neglected (and the project gets delayed too long), you’ll need to sand your current finish off and start over. This can be as expensive as it is time consuming!  If you like the wooden door look, be sure to ask us about embossed-steel options. We can also help explain how a garage door that has a wooden composite overlay can help enhance the beauty of your home. It’s also worth noting that both of these options are less of a hassle, and less expensive than opting for a full-wood garage door system.

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