Fixing & Troubleshooting Your Above the Rest Garage Door Opener

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Fixing & Troubleshooting Your Above the Rest Garage Door Opener

Garage door opener out of commission? We’re here to help. Even when we’re not on the job, our staff at Above the Rest Garage Door is eager to assist you in an emergency. However, there are a few things you should check before picking up the phone when your garage door opener begins to malfunction.

Now, most garage doors in Colorado Springs are automatic, but if your garage door opener is not working, there are a few ways to operate it manually in the meantime. First, pull the red string that is most likely hanging from your garage’s ceiling. This is a manual release you can use to shut your garage door. Be sure the space below the door is absolutely clear of objects and people before pulling this release, as the weight of a garage door can easily cause bodily injury and damage. When attempting to open the garage door again, we recommend finding some help. One person should pull the release until it locks into place, releasing tension from the garage door’s torsion springs. Be sure to have a ladder or two-by-four piece of wood on hand to prop the door. Use help to slowly lift the door without letting to of it. Hold or prop the garage door while bringing things inside or parking a car in the garage, and then act as a team to slowly guide the door back down to the ground. Then, pull the release again. This is a very dangerous process and should only happen in an emergency. Otherwise, Above the Rest Garage Door’s expert technicians are happy to help you open and close your door without its electronic function. Do not attempt to open a garage door manually by yourself, ever.

Turning our attention to the garage door opener, problems often lie in the battery running out of life. Try replacing the garage door opener batteries and blowing or wiping off any dust on the opener itself to be sure it’s clean and usable. If it’s not the batteries, the garage door opener’s code may not be functioning properly. This is a communication issue between the remote’s code and the receiver in your garage. Sometimes with multiple devices sending and receiving codes within range, a garage door’s receiver unit could become confused and unable to read the signal. If you believe this is the problem, call Above the Rest Garage Door today and have one of our experts reprogram your opener’s code. This often cheaper and faster than replacing the remote.

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