Garage Bands to Micro-Brews: Above the Rest Tips for Using Your Garage Space

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Garage Bands to Micro-Brews: Above the Rest Tips for Using Your Garage Space

We understand that homeowners use their garage spaces for a variety of purposes beyond storage and parking. From a workout studio to an art and creation space, to home offices and bedrooms, to concert halls, entertainment spaces, your garage space is special because it can be transformed for any purpose. At Above the Rest Garage Doors, our mission is to offer quality garage repair and installation services that give you the freedom to utilize your garage to it’s maximum potential.

For many projects like the classic ‘garage band’ idea, many homeowners are interested in soundproofing the four walls of their garage spaces. This includes the door, which is where Above the Rest Garage Doors comes in. Luckily, there is more than one way to help keep sound from coming in, and leaving, your home’s garage. First, a sound blanket is a specially made product for soundproofing that sells for a relatively inexpensive price. These sheets will not only absorb sound from around the garage, but they’re also extremely changeable. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes and even cut down a larger sheet to correctly fit your space down to the centimeter. In most cases, this step should provide enough sound relief from the outside to help in situations where you’re working or creating in your garage. However, you may need to go one step higher in your soundproofing operation to be sure excess sound does not make it to your neighbor’s ear.

Oftentimes, building a room inside your garage is a key step to fully soundproofing the space. Experts say three layers of drywall is often enough to muffle or completely stop sound from traveling. This is not necessarily a service Above the Rest Garage Doors offers, however it is something we’re knowledgeable enough to offer advice about.

Finally, insulation is key to soundproofing any garage space. There are of course other wonderful and cost-saving reasons to insulate your garage and invest in an insulated garage doors in colorado springs, which we’ve written about before on this blog, but avoiding the sounds of the outside world or commotion in the house can turn a garage from added workspace to an oasis in your home. And, you won’t be bothering anyone else in the process if you decide to jam in the garage!

At Above the Rest Garage Doors, we offer insulated garage doors and can give advice about other soundproofing strategies for your garage space. Give us a call to talk about your vision for your space and schedule a consultation appointment today.

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