Home is Where you Park It

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No, we don’t mean a mobile home, sprinter van or RV. We mean your garage!

Oftentimes, a garage space is written off as mere storage, where cars track in the day’s dust and mud and other household items too dirty, greasy, or worn to come inside stay. At ATR Garage Door Repair, we challenge homeowners to let us help them breathe life into their garage spaces since it’s an important and valuable addition to any home.

Sure, our services focus on the style and functionality of your garage door, but what about the valuable items behind it?

ATR Garage Door Repair offers repairs for electric garage door openers, which is often the first step to keeping your belongings and home secure from anyone, or anything, that might want to come inside.

Sealing your garage floor can also add a level of functionality to your garage since sealant makes a garage fresher and easier to clean when tough dirt and mud from the outdoors makes its way in over time.

The experts at ATR Garage Door Repair also advise homeowners to shut their garage doors whenever possible. Leaving them open not only leaves cars and belongings vulnerable, but also allows excess heat, rain, snow, and/or dirt and fall leaves to come inside the garage. Temperature fluctuation over time and damage from weather are top reasons for premature garage door replacements or repairs. And as much as we love serving our customers at ATR, we also want to save them money over the life of their garage doors.

Another way to keep your garage space clean and feeling like home is to utilize it in the best way possible. Sure, parking cars in the garage can limit storage space, but there are multiple tricks and tips any homeowner can utilize to keep the most items safe in the garage. From utilizing hooks and drawers to movable shelving units, there’s always a way to get your beloved items up off the ground. And if you’re the type of organizer that likes clutter out of site, your next DIY project might be custom cabinet space for toys, tools, yard games waiting for their day in the sun, and so much more.

Every garage door that ATR Garage Door Repair installs or repairs belongs to another Colorado Springs homeowner we’re proud to serve. Our customers come first, and their homes’ function, safety, and aesthetic are top priorities in the business that we do. Give ATR Garage Door Repair a call today to schedule a maintenance inspection, repair or replacement appointment, or have questions about our services.

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