How Long can you Expect your Garage Door to Last

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How Long can you Expect your Garage Door to Last

Your home is a huge investment that requires careful attention and care. For this reason, it is important you maintain the exterior and interior of your home. At Above The Rest Garage Door Repair, we dedicate ourselves to our customers. We think it’s important that we provide not only quality service, but information you can rely on. With that said, a common question is, “How long can my garage door last”. This important question be difficult to answer, because it will vary dramatically depending on your home and personal maintenance habits. Still, in this blog, we will do our best to answer this important question weighing three important factors:  garage door material, technician, and garage door design.


The material of your garage door will dramatically impact its cost. When it comes to material, you have many options to choose from – some materials are more durable than others. Below are the three most common garage door materials.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is an inexpensive material for your garage door. Aluminum is a great option for families on a budget who still want a strong, reliable door. Many aluminum doors are light weight and dent-resistant.

  • Wood

Wood is a classic material that will bring a little charm to your home. If you are looking for a unique door, wood can easily be custom designed. Of course, this is an expensive option, but it’s a great choice if you really want to pronounce the exterior of your home.

  • Steel

For a low-maintenance door, steel is the way to go. Steel is relatively inexpensive and strong. However, steel can ware easily making this inexpensive, low-maintenance door potentially more work.


At Above The Rest Garage Door Repair, we understand it can be difficult to find a trusted technician, but we can make this task easy. Your technician should be skilled, timely, and knowledgeable of the equipment they are working with. Above The Rest Garage Door is proud to embody all three of these traits. All of our technicians are certified and experts in their field. For installation and maintenance, the technicians you work with will significantly impact the life of your garage door.

In fact, when garage doors are installed incorrectly or poorly maintained it can result in a wide variety of problems: like rusting, weathering, and overall, poor performance. Work with the professionals at, Above The Rest Garage Doors, to ensure your garage door is installed and repaired by professionals.


When it comes to garage door design, form or function is hotly debated. Your garage door is the centerpiece of your home’s exterior. Consequently, it’s important that it looks nice. Still, if your garage door does not function well it will quickly become an annoying inconvenience. For this reason, we recommend working with our team of professionals at, Above The Rest Garage Door Repair. We will help you find a design that matches your style and works well for your daily life.

In conclusion, the lifespan of your garage door will vary considerably depending on it’s material, technician, and design. However, in our experience, most garage doors last between 10 to 15 years. Work with the best at, Above The Rest. We will ensure you and your home are comfortable.

Thank you, for reading our blog at Above The Rest Garage Doors!

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