Lighting Solutions For Your Garage: With Above The Rest Garage Door Repair

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Lighting Solutions For Your Garage: With Above The Rest Garage Door Repair

Your garage is home to many different tasks, and it is a room that is used daily. Chances are there are many times when you need to access your garage at night. Perhaps, you are returning home after a Saturday night out, or maybe you need to retrieve something from your freezer. Whatever your reason, adequate lighting will make your garage significantly more easy to navigate, especially at night. Unfortunately, many garages have dim lighting — consequently, it difficult to see during the day, let alone at night. Luckily, Above The Rest Garage Door Repair has the lighting solutions your garage needs. In this blog, we will share three bright lighting solutions for your garage.

Light Emitting Diode (LEDs)

Many people choose to invest in light emitting diode (LEDS) for their home and garage, because these are the most energy efficient lightbulbs currently on the market. These lights only use about 10% of the power of a traditional light bulb. These energy efficient bulbs are expensive, but they will save your household money and last longer. They’re a great option for the energy efficient home that does not mind spending a bit more on their light fixtures.

Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights are a popular option for many commercial and residential garages. These bulbs are an inexpensive light fixture that comes in many different sizes. They’re a great option for garage lighting, because they’re economically friendly, easy to find, and provide a strong, clear light. However, they do contain argon ga and mercury, so they must be handled carefully.


Halogens produce a clear, vibrant light that does not rely on mercury. These lights come in a large variety of sizes, making it simple to find one that fits your garage needs. You can expect a halogen bulb to last approximately 3,000 hours. While Halogens are not as efficient as the other two light fixtures mentioned in this blog, they still produce a strong light that will help you navigate your garage at night.

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