Make Garage Parking Easy

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Make Garage Parking Easy

If your garage is a tight fit for your car or you are the parent of a teenager, chances are parking in your garage can be a challenge. Avoiding scratching your car’s bumper by learning how to make garage parking easy. I  this article Above The Rest Garage Door Repair will share four ways to avoid a messy garage parking .

Easy Parking Guide

One of the best things you can do to avoid damaging your car or garage is adding an easy parking guide. A parking guide can be as simple as suspending a cord or tennis ball from your garage ceiling. The key is having an established mark to guide your car into the correct place. If you find your garage wall to be a challenge as well, consider investing in a durable parking aid that will prevent damage.

Consider Your Mirrors

Using your mirrors to navigate a tight narrow space is a clear solution when it comes to confined parking. Still,  you may find that your mirrors make parking in your garage more challenging. If this is the case, consider tilting or folding your mirrors inward. This simple trick should make it easier and allow for a bit more room, when parking inside of your garage.

Free Space

It’s easy for garages to become an extra storage room. While there are certainly benefits of making the most use out of your garage space, ensure you have enough room to park your car. Take time to declutter and clean your garage for a more comfortable room. Freeing space in your garage will make parking significantly easier.

Watch a Pro

If you haven’t mastered the art of parking in your garage, watch a pro. Observing a friend or family member park inside of your garage may help you execute the task better. With enough practice and observation, you will surely become a pro as well.

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