Reinforcement Struts: The Low-down

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Reinforcement Struts: The Low-down

They’re a potential mix of fashion and function; reinforcement struts may not be a necessity for your garage door, but they’re a fun, practical asset to consider if you’re looking to add a little extra functionality to your home’s largest entrance.

Reinforcement struts can serve a few purposes for homeowners. Those includes support (especially if your garage door might sit in a partially or fully open position for longer periods of time) and to reinforce your door’s position on its tracks in areas with strong winds (hello, spring on the Front Range!). If your door gets hit by strong winds without a reinforcement strut or common insulation materials (often polystyrene or polyurethane), your garage door has a decent chance of bending or breaking under the pressure of a wind gust. Since we live in landlocked Colorado and not a coastal city with natural vulnerability to tropical storms or hurricanes, there are no required standards for reinforcement struts. However, as mentioned above, it can be a valuable asset to the functionality of your door. Plus, the US Environmental Protection Agency projects natural weather patterns in all areas will become more dramatic and intense as climate change progresses. If this is a priority for you as a homeowner, reinforcement struts may be a viable option for your home’s garage door.

If your garage door is a double—that means 16 feet wide—it probably already features reinforcement struts. They’re those 2-inch wide, horizontally-situated steel bars, often shaped like the letter ‘U’ on your door. Struts are either installed with clips hinges, depending on the door itself and the specialist you choose to install them. Experts recommend about three struts on a double garage door.

Now, keep in mind that adding reinforcement struts to an existing garage door is not a simply do-it-yourself project. Like any part of a garage door, installation and repair can be tricky, given the weight and sizable tension on the garage door’s springs while it’s in use. At Above the Rest Garage Doors, we offer knowledgeable and efficient services for existing garage doors and competitively-priced installation built to fit your convenience. Your garage door is installed to account for its weight, and since struts add just a few more pounds, we can easily rebalance your door to keep it safe for use among your loved ones.

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