Summer Garage Door Prep and Maintenance

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Summer Garage Door Prep and Maintenance

Your garage door is used virtually every day, multiple times of day. It is also one of the most noticeable features of your home’s exterior. For this reason, it is important to maintain your garage door and do the things necessary to ensure it is seasonally appropriate. While it may sound funny to prep your garage door for the seasons, it is none the less important. In this blog, Above The Rest Garage Door Repair, will share with you three things you should do for your garage before summer.


Cleaning isn’t usually a task we look forward to, but it’s an important part of summer garage door prep. It is easy for dust and debris to sneak into your garage overtime. Get rid of winter dirt before summer comes. Cleaning your garage seasonally will help ensure your garage stays new and fresh, along with the items you store inside of it.

Easy soap and water is all you need to lightly clean your garage but feel free to use wax and heavier cleaning products for a more thorough job. As you clean, be aware of potential garage problems like rust and rotting.  It is a smart to invest in an inspection after thoroughly cleaning your garage.


It is smart to schedule an inspection when your garage is clean, because you can easily point to problem areas. The experts at, Above The Rest Garage Door Repair, will happily inspect your garage and help you resolve any garage problems you may have. Invest in semi-annual garage inspections for a safe, well-maintained home. A inspection with, Above The Rest Garage Door Repair, will provide the security of knowing your garage and garage door are functioning well.


Once you have cleaned and inspected your garage, it is time to get organized. It is easy for storage spaces to become cluttered, especially during the winter months. The winter holidays often leaves us with an abundant amount of things we really don’t know what to do with. Use your summer garage door prep to remove unnecessary items from your garage. This is a great way to create more space, and know what you have.

Invest some time and energy in summer garage preparation and maintenance. Above The Rest Garage Door Repair is happy to help. For the last fifteen years, Above The Rest Garage Door

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