3 Reasons to Call a Professional Garage Door Repairman

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3 Reasons to Call a Professional Garage Door Repairman

If your garage door is giving you grief you may be wondering if you can tackle the repair yourself. There are, after all, a number of DIY garage door repair videos that are posted on the Internet.

Could it really be that hard?

The answer is a resounding yes.  When you work with a professional Colorado Springs garage door repairman, you’ll be working with an expert who knows how to get the job done right, and, perhaps most importantly, they’ll know how to get the job done safely.

Safety first

As you probably know, garage doors are heavy. Depending on what you have installed it could weigh anywhere from 100 to 400 pounds. If the garage door is knocked off of its tracks, it could do a lot of damage.   Remember- your garage door is probably the largest moving component in your home.

Doors can fall off their tracks for any number of reasons, and each year, thousands of people across the United States become seriously injured while attempting DIY garage door repair jobs. Suffice to say, this is something that’s best left to the experts.

People who have a double garage door are putting themselves at even more risk. When you work with a garage door specialist, the repairman will be able to asses what the issue is, and they will also be able to recognize the types of dangers that could be involved with the repair.

Experience matters

The average garage door system has many moving parts. Not only are there multiple pieces of hardware that interact with each other, there is also a counterweight system, which allows you to be able to lift your garage door in the event of a motor failure.

Garage door systems in Colorado Springs are intricate and if you aren’t an experienced installer or repairman, you’ll be best served by calling a professional. At ATR Garage Door Repair, we have years of experience in working with all types of garage door systems—which means we know how to make sure to handle the repair properly (without damaging the other components.)

You’ll have peace of mind

If you attempt to fix your garage door yourself there is a good chance the repair won’t be handled properly- which means, you’ll be back at square one in a few short weeks. And, as we just mentioned, you run the risk of damaging a different component, which could turn what may have been a small problem into a much larger one. Big problems are always more expensive to fix than small ones are.

Experts you can trust

Above the Rest Garage Door Repair has been providing appointment-based and emergency garage door repair services in Colorado Springs for years.

We are full-service, locally owned and operated service provider that’s committed to restoring your home’s security.

For more information on our company, our rates or to schedule a free garage door repair estimate, call Above the Rest Garage Door Repair today at 719-499-0491.

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