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Garage Door Opener Repair in Colorado Springs

Having trouble opening your garage door? Make sure to check these helpful tips on our garage door opener repair page to help with troubleshooting any minor issues with your garage door opener. If you are still having trouble, please contact us for 24-hour garage door repair to ensure your garage door opener will be up and running to perfection.

Your garage door opener is a hard-working component of your garage door system, and until the day that it finally stops working, it often gives years of trouble-free service. That is why Above the Rest Garage Repair offer quick and professional garage door opener repair in Colorado Springs.

Before you give us a call, here are a few tips to help you troubleshoot any minor problems with your garage door opener.

Check the batteries.

Always be sure that you just check the batteries if your garage door opener isn’t working in the proper manner. Even if it works sometimes, it may be the battery that’s really old and is having trouble. You need to have a good set of batteries to replace the old ones as well. Try not to buy low-quality batteries for your garage door opener. We suggest a set of name-brand alkaline long-life batteries. Even though the alkaline batteries may be a bit more expensive initially, their longer life will more than make up for the added cost.

Is it the remote or the wall opener?

You need to think about whether your remote works or if it’s the wall control that’s giving you problems. If you are testing this, make sure nobody is near the door at the time you’re pressing buttons because if a spring were to come lose or anything malfunctioned, it could cause injuries. If you find that the door is trying to open but is hesitating, it may not be your opener at all. If you are not able to easily figure out the issue, then it is best to call a garage door expert. At Above the Rest, we offer garage door opener repair in Colorado Springs and can safely and efficiently install a garage door opener if needed 

If you’ve tried the basic fixes above and your garage door opener is still not working, call us today at 719-499-0491 to get your garage door opener up and running fast.​

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