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New Garage Door Installation in Colorado Springs

Above the Rest Garage Door Repair provides residential garage door installation in Colorado Springs and other areas of El Paso and Teller County. A long-lasting garage door stars with expert installation and new garage door installation can be complex and dangerous. You will not regret allowing our experts at Above the Rest to do the job. We offer professional, timely, and friendly service to our customers and can even haul away the older door. Our expert technicians will do whatever it takes to guarantee complete customer satisfaction with every installation request that comes our way.

We understand just how much your garage door goes through, and how much wear and tear is put on your garage door and why garage door spring repair is commonly needed in a city where the weather constantly changes. A detail-oriented service during the installation process will guarantee your door’s ability to withstand Colorado’s seasons. From rain, snow, and hailstorms to blistering summer days, your garage door can function as if it is brand new. Residential garage door installation in Colorado Springs requires a strong, well-installed garage door as the key to maintaining the structural integrity of your home in strong winds and extreme weather. Having a battery back-up can allow you to open your garage door during power outages and storms.

Plus, a consumer survey across the nation revealed just how important garage doors are to the modern home. The report showed that 71 percent of homeowners entered their homes through their garages every day, much more so than their front doors. A garage door’s photoelectric eyes can also sense children, pets, and objects that pass under the door to reverse it and prevent injury or entrapment. We understand how integral a functioning garage door is to the comfort, safety, and productivity of busy families and beyond, and our  garage door installation services in Colorado Springs gives customers peace of mind that their doors won’t require extra maintenance or perform below their expectations.

In many cases, new garage door installation can be one of the best values for homeowners, as an attractive and functional garage door instantly increases the value of your home. Garage doors are often visible from the street, often spanning up to one half of your home’s façade, making them an extremely underrated part of the home’s overall look.

New Garage Door Installation in Colorado Springs
New Garage Door Installation in Colorado Springs

Whether you want to install insulated garaged doors that cut down on energy use or give your home fresh curb appeal, our garage door specialists are ready to help you with any kind of  installation in Colorado Springs.

Remember, garage door parts like torsion springs, extension springs, and other hardware may cause serious injury if not handled properly, as all tension must be released from these parts before installation happens.  This is why professional installation is the best way to go to avoid mistakes and make sure the job is done right the first time. Apart from the garage door installation in Colorado Springs, ask our experts about garage door openers and keypads for your new door. Programming these devices is simple and easy.

We have extensive experience working with all makes and models of garage doors and are happy to answer your questions and concerns.

If your garage door spring just broke – why not give us a call right now at 719-499-0491. Chances are we can get it repaired the same day with no risk to you or your family.

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