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New Residential Garage Door Installation in Colorado Springs

Above the Rest Residential Garage Door Repair provides garage door installation services in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas in El Paso and Teller County. Proper installation is crucial for a durable residential garage door, and our experienced technicians ensure the job is performed safely and effectively. We deliver professional, timely, and friendly service, including removal of the old door, and we guarantee complete client satisfaction with every installation.



We understand the stress that garage doors endure, particularly in Colorado’s changing weather. Our meticulous installation process ensures your door can withstand the state’s diverse climate, from rain and snow to hailstorms and hot summer days. A well-installed garage door is essential for maintaining your home’s structural integrity in strong winds and extreme weather. Additionally, having a battery backup allows you to open your door during power outages and storms.

A nationwide survey revealed that 71 percent of homeowners enter their homes through their garages more often than their front doors. Garage doors with photoelectric eyes can sense children, pets, and objects, reversing the door to prevent injury or entrapment. We recognize the importance of a functioning door for the comfort, safety, and productivity of busy families. Our installation services provide peace of mind, ensuring your door requires minimal maintenance and performs as expected.

A new garage door installation can significantly increase your home’s value, enhancing its curb appeal. Whether you’re looking for insulated doors to reduce energy use or want to update your home’s appearance, our specialists are ready to help with any installation in Colorado Springs.

Handling garage door parts, like torsion and extension springs, can be dangerous if not done correctly. Professional installation is the best way to avoid mistakes and ensure the job is done right the first time. We also offer door openers and keypads for your new door, with simple and easy programming.

Our extensive experience with all makes and models of garage doors allows us to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If your door just broke, give us a call at 719-499-0491. We can often install it the same day, ensuring no risk to you or your family.