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Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement in Colorado Springs

Garage door spring repair is one of the most common garage door repair, because the spring is one of the most important elements within the door. The spring helps counteract the heavy door weight when raising the door and slows the door when closing, which prevents damage to the door. It also helps make the garage door opener a small and reasonable size, as the relatively small motor can lift the spring assisted garage door.

Garage door springs cycle hundreds and sometimes even thousands of times each year – in both cold and hot temperatures. With all these cycles the highly tempered steel springs eventually fatigue and break and that’s when it creates a problem.

When the garage spring breaks it becomes nearly impossible to get into or out of the garage. Chances are that when your spring breaks you have just opened your door and now you are unable to close the door. This can create a safety issue and the only way to fix it is through garage door spring repair.

Above The Rest Garage Door Repair offers garage door spring repair and replacement in Colorado Springs to get those broken springs replaced and to make sure your home is secured and safe with a properly functioning garage door.

Please do not replace the springs yourself!

It is important to your safety that only a garage door expert installs new garage door springs. The springs require a large amount of pre-load which is where we pre-tension the garage door springs in order to do its job properly. If this step is compromised in any way, the do-it-yourself installer could be hit by the pre-load tool and be badly injured. We’ve seen instances of people’s teeth being knocked out by a careless and amateur installer attempting to repair a broken garage spring. Replacing the springs is relatively inexpensive and we can do it safely – and quickly. And, our prices will fit any budget. Call us today for garage door spring repair and replacement in Colorado Springs!


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