Choosing the Right Size Garage For Your Home Renovation

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Choosing the Right Size Garage For Your Home Renovation

Garage doors come in many sizes, and it’s important as a homeowner to choose the one that’s most precise for your home’s function and how you intend to use your garage space in the future. A garage door’s size often depends on the structure it’s attached to, and choosing the wrong size door in the building or renovation process can lead to more money spent on repairs and replacements later on. At Above the Rest Garage Doors, our technicians are able to measure out your portal space if you’re replacing a door and correctly calculate which size door you’ll need if you’re building a brand new structure. Leave this part to the experts to assure the job is done right the first time, saving you money. Plus, we’re able to consider what purpose the garage is built for and what type of door may be right for that particular purpose. Above the Rest Garage Door is dedicated to sticking with our Colorado Springs clients from start to finish. We’ll be sure to correctly measure your garage door size, and measure precisely how much space lies from lintel to ceiling. Based on the type of door you’re looking to install, these measurements may vary, and the Above the Rest Garage Door guarantee is in getting it right, for you.

We’re also here to help you navigate what kind of slope your garage sits on, how your driveway is engineered, and how your garage ceiling may affect the function of your door down the road. All of these situational details can affect how the garage door opens and closes, and whether it may need more or less frequent repair in the long term. We’re happy to let the homeowners we work with lean on us in order to correctly plan for and install their new garage door.

Finally, the size of your door will also affect what materials are best for your home. Naturally, the larger the door, the heavier it will be, which creates a scenario in which materials like metal or solid wood may not make the most sense when it comes to cost or safety. Be sure to speak with an expert at Above the Rest Garage Door about these details before choosing and commissioning a garage door installation.

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  1. We’ve been needing to get some garage door repair services. I’m glad you talked about how a door’s size is dependent upon the size of the structure. I’m going to have to look for a good garage door repair service!

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