Common Garage Door Mistakes

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Common Garage Door Mistakes

Whether you install your garage door yourself or hire a professional company, it is important this task is done correctly. Failure to take the proper precautions or perform this job correctly may result in damaged property or even worse, a damaged person. There are a few garage door mistakes that are quite common and should be addressed, thus the purpose of this blog.

Loose Panels

Loose panels are a common safety problem that occurs when a technician fails to tighten a door’s rails and hangers. Panels can become loose over time making it important to thoroughly inspect them annually. This is one of the many reasons we encourage our clients to invest in regular maintenance checks, at least once a year.

Incorrect Tools

One of the many benefits of working with a professional garage door repair and replacement company, is that you can be sure they have the correct tools for the job, and know how to use them properly. For example, our technicians know to use lag screws rather than nails to secure your system’s door pieces. Hire a company that has the tools and skills need to repair your garage door, hire ATR Garage Door Repair.


ATR Garage Door Repair follows strict, mandatory guideline to ensure we are meeting safety standards for our customers and employees. When you hire an outside contractor or try to make a garage door repair yourself, you are not secured with these same standards. While you may be able to make simple repairs, and certainly clean your garage door yourself, it is best to leave major repairs and garage door replacement to the professionals.

To avoid these common garage door mistakes work with a reputable garage door repair and replacement company, work with ATR Garage Door Repair. At ATR Garage Door Repair, all of our technicians are certified, qualified to work with residential and commercial garage doors. ATR Garage Door Repair has been work with the Colorado Springs community since 1990, let us prove our success and make you a return customer.

You can schedule an appointment or free quote with ATR Garage Door Repair by calling us at: 719-499-0491, we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for reading our blog at ATR Garage Door Repair!

  1. My garage door has been having problems opening. It makes sense that it might be a problem with the opener! Maybe I should try getting a new one to see if that makes it any better.

  2. My sister just moved into a new home the other day. She is worried about the garage door and thinks that they might need to look for a repair service. It might help her to know that she should look for a contractor that is safe.

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