Comparing Garage Door Openers with Above the Rest

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Comparing Garage Door Openers with Above the Rest

One of our flagship services at Above the Rest Garage Doors is repairing garage door openers. We specialize in all kinds of garage door openers on the market, and most homeowners are not aware how many types and brands exist on the market at this point.

If you require a repair service or replacement, first consider which kind of garage door opener your home has and whether it’s truly the best fit for your home and needs. Our technicians can also easily answer these questions with a quick inspection or phone call.

The most common types of garage door openers are belt, chain, and screw-drive openers. It all comes down to what is ultimately driving the opener to signal and pull the garage door open and slowly let it down to close. The most common is the chain drive variety. Like its namesake suggests, these open and close the door using a chain mechanism and what’s called a ‘trolley’. These are the most common because they cost the least and tend to last, but they’re very loud compared to other kinds of openers and require lubrication to avoid squealing sounds as a garage door is used over time and the system ages as a whole. They also are difficult to break, and often do not require much maintenance. A well-made chain drive garage door opener can last a lifetime with regular inspections and a proactive attitude on behalf of technicians like ours and homeowners.

Other kinds of garage door openers use belts to drive the trolley (belt-drive) and steel rods (screw-drive). Belt-drive openers are much quieter than chain-drive openers and perform just as well, often for a bit higher price. But, depending on future usage and the needs of your family, they may be a good fit for your home and worth the extra cash. Screw-drive garage door openers do not have as many moving parts, is usable on both detached and attached garage door types, and does not require as much preventative maintenance as the other two types mentioned above. The only downside? It’s slow compared to the others and tends to be a louder option.

Let our garage door professionals help you navigate the options on the market and determine which kind of garage door opener device is best for you. Give us a call today!

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