Does Replacing Your Garage Door Increase the Value of Your Home?

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Does Replacing Your Garage Door Increase the Value of Your Home?

If you’re considering doing some renovations that will enhance the value of your home, replacing your garage door should be close to the top of the list.

Your garage door can have a significant impact on the value of your home, experts say, and if you’re considering selling your house at some point in the future, you’ll want to make sure your garage door looks good.

What’s more, is that it’s estimated that homeowners can recover a little bit more than 75 percent of a new garage door at the time they sell, which makes garage door replacement a top-rated home improvement project when it comes to getting a return on your investment.

It’s also worth noting that your garage door can oftentimes make up about a third of the front exterior of your home (or, if you have a large, multi-car garage, that number could be a bit higher.)

And, since your garage door is one of the first things people notice when they drive by your house, it’s easy to understand why it’s important to keep your garage door in tip-top shape.

Garage Door Replacement Experts

At Above the Rest Garage Door Repair we understand the importance of keeping your garage door properly maintained. If you have door panels that need to be repaired or of your considering installing a new garage door altogether, we can help.

When you contact our office one of our garage door replacement experts can help you understand the latest trends in garage doors and we can help you choose a replacement garage door that works with the aesthetics of your home.

We understand the importance of helping our clients choose garage doors that are energy efficient, nice to look at and that will give your home added curb appeal.

The cost of replacing your garage door will largely depend on the size of the doo and the types of materials you’re considering when it comes to choosing a new one. We’ll take as much time as needed to answer any and all of your garage door replacement questions because we understand the importance of installing a garage door that will increase the overall value of your Colorado Springs home.

Best Company to Install a New Garage Door To Increase Your Home’s Value

At Above the Rest Garage Door Repair we have been serving the needs of Colorado Springs homeowners since 1990. We combine the highest quality workmanship with competitive prices and we’re committed to getting jobs done on time and on budget.

For more information on what type of garage door will help increase the value of your home, call our office today at 719-499-0491 to be directly connected to a customer service representative in your area.

We’re happy to provide our clients with a list of local references. Our work speaks for itself! Call us today at 719-499-0491 to learn why we’re the #1 choice for garage door replacement in Colorado Springs.

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