Don’t ‘Fall’ or these Maintenance Mistakes

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Don’t ‘Fall’ or these Maintenance Mistakes

Garage Door Repair Services and Preventing Damage

Forget spring cleaning — as the first weeks of fall fly past, it’s time to check up on your home’s many moving parts ahead of the snow this year. One easily neglected area? A large, unfinished garage space and your garage door itself.

Above the Rest Garage Doors specializes in preventative maintenance, along with garage door repair and replacement. But we’d rather help you save some cash and check up on how your garage door is holding up season to season than answer an emergency repair call that could have put your family at risk for injury.

At Above the Rest, we want to bring our neighbors peace of mind as the nights get longer on the Front Range. One way to alleviate the stresses of the upcoming holiday season is to know that, through any extreme weather or heavy use, your home’s garage door maintenance checklist is up to date and it’s ready to work all season long.

That checklist has a few vital items on it to assure your garage door lasts as long as (or beyond) it’s promised date or warranty.

Steps in a thorough Above the Rest inspection include tuning up and repairing essential components of your door if applicable. These include the following:

  • torsion springs
  • rollers
  • the track itself
  • lights
  • remote controls
  • sensors
  • the garage door itself

Lubricating rollers, making sure your door is perfectly balanced with the right center of gravity, and fixing or replacing faulty or dying sensors in garage door openers are just a few functions our technicians will guarantee after a maintenance appointment.

Despite our claim to fame in the garage door repair business, preventing damage is important for keeping homeowners safe. Garage doors are tricky and more detailed than many would think, which can lead to injury if one tries to perform repairs on their own. If you have any questions about your garage door, from small malfunctions to a potential replacement service down the road, we at Above the Rest are happy to walk you through your most viable, affordable options and help see those services through to the very end.

Neglecting maintenance naturally leads to your garage door living a far shorter life than manufacturers intended. That’s what Above the Rest garage doors is here for—we want our neighbors to get the most value out of their garage door purchases and utilize them as an asset that adds value to their homes, not to see it as another source of stress in a homeowner’s busy life. Avoid damage, save money, and keep your family safe with preventative maintenance and repairs by calling Above the Rest garage doors!

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