Don’t get scammed over your Garage Door

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Don’t get scammed over your Garage Door

The nice thing about the garage door repair business is that it’s a very specialized trade that requires professionals like us for each level of service. That keeps us in business, since the average homeowner cannot easily fix or replace their own garage door—even with the Internet.

But, that doesn’t mean we’re licensed to unfairly charge for our services either. After all, we’re your neighbors, and our mission is keep our neighbors safe, happy, and comfortable across the Front Range.

If you’ve been shopping around for garage door repair or replacement services, getting quotes, or simply looking for recommendations, there are a few caveats to consider to avoid scams.

One is to understand your garage space, your needs, and what each part of the garage door is and how it works. That seems daunting, but it’s nothing a quick Google search can’t fix. From your main door to your torsion springs, track, light, opener, sensors, and manual release, consumers should not be strangers to the main functions of the item they need replaced or repaired in their home. And if you invest in our services at Above the Rest Garage Door, we’re happy to let you in on what exactly our services entail and leave you more educated about how your garage door functions day to day.

Next, if you’re online you’re already headed the right direction. Research is important when avoiding scams, and the Internet is the ultimate community to crowdsource your information from. However, real people in your immediate community and local networking sites via Angie’s List, Facebook, or even the Denver Better Business Bureau will know the most about what’s out there and who’s’ reputation outshines the rest. At Above the Rest garage doors, our experience and customer service track record speak for themselves. Ask us more about our customer service guarantee!

It’s also important to avoid paying cash or offering direct payment to any technicians who might ask for it. Leaving a paper trail and acquiring receipts for work done is a very good way to assure you dont’ get ripped off for any home improvement service, including garage door repairs and replacement.

Finally, it’s important to know when it’s the right time to repair or replace your door by getting a few quotes before going forward with a service. AT Above the Rest, our technicians will be able to pinpoint the problem and offer multiple solutions that might fit your needs before charging you a dime. Many feel pressured by the mantra ‘you get what you pay for’, but savvy local business owners know that a job well done doesn’t always call for the highest price on the market, nor should it break the bank for homeowners.

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