Garage Door Guru-Types of Garage Doors and the Maintenance They Require

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Garage Door Guru-Types of Garage Doors and the Maintenance They Require

Believe it or not, garage doors come in most shapes, and sizes and can add or detract storage space and functionality based on which kind a homeowner installs. Now, you may be surprised to learn that apart from the modern paneled garage door and the old-school canopy doors, there are actually more ways to install and use your garage door.

The type of garage door most forget about are rolling or side-hinged doors, because they’re not commonly chosen or used. But, the upside to looking into this kind of door lies in where you want your storage space. If your home’s garage is relatively small and it makes sense to install shelving or racks on the ceiling to save space, consider a rolling or side-hinged door. There are also corner doors that slide to the side and along your garage’s wall to stay off the ceiling. These doors do not get in the way of ceiling storage or utilize that area of the garage like a more traditional garage door. However, the downside to these kinds of doors is that they’re often manufactured with less variety, giving homeowners limited options in color and style.

Sectional doors and canopy doors are popular because they’re most easily mechanized and designed to lift themselves despite the doors’ heavy weight. Materials like repurposed metal, solid wood, fiberglass and more are used for these doors; they often provide the most secure and easy-to-use homeowner experience for those who want to achieve a completely hands-free process. Of course, because these doors are electric and mechanized, they do require more repair work over time. But, with an expert installation from Above the Rest garage door, we’ll get your door started off right for a long and functional tenure.

Call us today for more information on the types of garage doors we install and repair regularly, as well as to ask questions about customization and replacement for your home. We’re happy to serve you!

  1. I appreciate that you explained how canopy doors are more convenient to use because they’re easily mechanized. Our country home doesn’t have a garage door and we’re thinking of getting one installed. We were unsure of which type we should be getting because we didn’t want something that’s too tedious to use. We only use the country home during holidays and vacations. Thanks for sharing this very helpful article. I definitely learned a lot from it.

  2. Thanks for the heads up to choose a rolling or side-hinged door when installing one for a garage whose shelving is hung on its ceiling. When I read that, I thought that one should find a garage door service. Their help can safely install one. Also, their work can help add years to the garage too.

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