Inventory: Where did your garage door come from?

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Inventory: Where did your garage door come from?

Let’s go back. Way back. Back to when the automatic garage door wasn’t even an idea.

The year was 1921, and the car everyone was clamoring for had been on the market just over a decade. The Model T’s fair rate for the average John Doe was not only attractive, but led to a buying frenzy, and as is often the case with capitalism, one new invention can spark an entirely new industry, with multiple entry points for any savvy businessman looking to make a buck or two. In this case, a man named C.G. Johnson (according to multiple cross-referenced sources) looked around and saw a golden opportunity in the Model T, but instead of thinking about where he could take it, he thought about what his neighbors needed to correctly store it right at home.

As his friends fired up the engine and cruised around, he was one step ahead, figuring out an economical way to help these cars hold their value.

Johnson eventually developed the standard garage door and space we know today, but electric iterations were not too far behind. In fact, the first electric garage door opener made its debut to the American consumer in the mid 1930’s, after dueling teams of engineers developed the idea. Now, the average driver did not have to get out of their car to open the door and pull in. Unfortunately, the technology was a bit too cutting-edge for the Depression-era consumer, but eventually found it’s way into the mainstream once the economy rebounded enough for the average family to invest in technology beyond your average light bulb and refrigerator.

These first-generation garage door openers were connected to your car, and utilized a type of special code to connect to the door’s sensor. Unlike today’s devices, these electric currents were more specific to the sensor itself, and did not use a frequency, but rather a set of pulses. This was actually great for security and functionality, since a garage could only open if it sensed a correctly-entered pulse code, much like a secret password for your home.

And as inventors and venture capitalists alike continued to innovate the modern garage door and it’s electric openers, safety features and customizations came with it. Fast-forward to our modern models, and you’ll see how far we’ve come. At Above the Rest Garage Doors, we’re up to speed on what’s new, what’s trendy, and what might be the best fit for your home when it comes to material, functionality, safety, longevity, and style. Contact us today to inquire about repair services or get started shopping around for your next home update.

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