Tech Corner: Feeling Blue-Adding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Capabilities to your Garage

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Tech Corner: Feeling Blue-Adding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Capabilities to your Garage

Listen, if you’ve even thought about investing in Alexa or telling Siri your secrets, opting to connect the basic functionalities of your home with your smartphone or wireless device will never seem all that far-fetched. But when it comes to this kind of technology, you don’t want to make an misinformed investment. So, we’ve done the research for you.

Why go Wireless

We’ll start with the price; these wireless kits are going to range from about $170 to $270, depending on the amount of features you’re willing to pay for and use on a daily basis. That may not jump off the page as a deal, but when comparing ‘smart’ home products, these prices do scream ‘value’. If you do the research and choose the right product for your needs, that 200 bucks could return years of voice-activated ease and add a little hands-free harmony to your everyday life. Not to mention the fact that they’re as easy to use as any other wireless product in your home, be it bluetooth speakers or a smart TV device like the Roku or Amazon FireStick.

Once your garage door opener is connected to your mobile device, it can not only replace the remote control completely, but apps connected to smart garage door devices can let you know who’s trying to get in, when the door opens and closes, add a live video stream to the garage area that’s accessible anywhere, and remind you when you’ve left the garage open for an abnormal amount of time.

Why the Garage?

The garage and it’s respective door seem like a random and excessive place to invest in wireless technology, but this isn’t the case. In fact, the garage can be the most convenient space for bluetooth capability, especially when it comes to what kinds of things you accomplish in and through your garage space. If you use your garage to build, craft, or even hang out in, fitting it with bluetooth speakers could be the first step to making the space easily customizable in a hands-free way. If you find yourself loading kids, groceries, or other things into your car or hauling them into the house, motion-sensored devices can make these jobs easier. As for your garage door opener, bluetooth connectivity can make the entire process of pulling up, opening the door, pulling in comfortably and securing the space when you go inside doable without lifting a finger.

Which one should I get?

Across the board, the most trusted brand seems to be MyQ, based on customer reviews from multiple sites and experts who’ve gone out of their way to try these ‘smart’ garage door openers out. The MyQ-brand openers are easy to install and easy to use afterward. They also tend to last and easily pair with most, if not all, garage door types. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest of the bunch—you can find the brand on Amazon between $100 and $200!

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