Things You Should Teach Your Children About Garage Door Safety

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Things You Should Teach Your Children About Garage Door Safety

Your garage door is likely the heaviest moving component you have in your home. If you have children, you’ve likely realized that garage door safety is of the utmost importance.

Many parents provide their children with the garage door code as a way to gain entry to the house. Not only is this easier than making a spare set of keys, it means you won’t need to worry about the spare set of keys getting lost.

If any of this sounds like you, you’ll want to read up on our tips for teaching children on garage door safety.

Start from the top

Kids are naturally curious, and it’s not unusual for children to want to experiment with things to see what makes them tick.

As such, it’s worth taking some time to show your kids how the garage door works and explain the types of safety mechanisms that are in place. (For example, if the garage door is closing, how it will reverse direction if one of the sensors gets tripped.)

Allow them time to ask questions and explain to them that since the garage door is very heavy, it’s important to be careful when opening and closing it.

Remember, most garage doors weigh somewhere between 125 and 400 pounds!

Point out the dangerous parts

The garage door springs are among the most dangerous components of any garage door system. Not only do they hold an enormous amount of tension, should one of the springs break, it will turn into a flying projectile.

Tell your kids they should never, ever, under any circumstances, touch the garage door springs. You should also tell them if they ever see something that looks like a piece of a broken spring, they should tell you immediately.

Garage doors are not to be played with

Explain to your children that they should never walk under the garage door while it’s in the process of opening or closing. Tell them they shouldn’t climb on the door, and that they’ll want to keep their hands, fingers and toes away from the section joints.

Remind them that the garage door code should never be shared with friends, and tell them to shield the keypad with their hands when they’re punching the code in.

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