Why You Should Hire a Professional Garage Door Repair Company in Colorado Springs

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Garage Door Repair Company in Colorado Springs

If you’re having problems with your garage door, you may be considering a DIY repair. If that’s the case, the experts at Above the Rest Garage Door Repair have three words for you.




Below are just a few of the reasons you should always (we repeat, always) hire a professional garage door repair company in Colorado Springs.

If you try to fix your garage door yourself, you could make the problem worse

At Above the Rest Garage Door Repair, we’ve heard countless stories about people who have tried to DIY a garage door repair, only to wind up causing additional damage. (Fact: if you do more damage, you’ll need to spend more money to fix what’s been broken.)

A garage door system can seem straight forward, but they are much, much more complex than most homeowners realize.  Not to mention that most people start a DIY repair by trying to fix the symptom (as opposed to the problem.) Don’t put yourself in a position where you could do irreparable damage to your garage door system. It’s always best to leave Colorado Springs garage door repair issues to the pros. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call Above the Rest Garage Door Repair today at 719-499-0491.

If you try to DIY the repair, you could wind up injured

The average garage door weighs well in excess of 100 pounds and, as you can imagine, if the door comes off the tracks, it’s likely to damage everything it comes in contact with as it comes crashing down. This could put you, your pets, your family, your car and your belongings at risk.

In addition to the damage that could be caused by a falling garage door, you also run the risk of injuring yourself (or someone else) if the garage door springs are damaged. Garage door springs are comprised of tightly wound coils- and if one snaps (or breaks) the pieces will go flying. (We repeat—the metal pieces will go flying.)

If you, your pets or your family members are hit by a flying piece of metal, this could cause a very, very serious injury.

Expert staff, expert repairs

At Above the Rest Garage Door Repair we only hire the most professional, most knowledgeable and most experienced staff. We also provide all our employees with superior resources, which allows them to ensure that jobs run smoothly.

Not only does this allow us to provide the highest levels of customer care and customer service, it also helps ensure that jobs are done on time and on budget.

When you work with our company we’ll keep you informed of all the steps we’ll be taking during the repair of your Colorado Springs garage door system.  These are just some of the reasons that Above the Rest Garage Door Repair has become the preferred choice for garage door repair, replacement and maintenance in Colorado.

For more information on the types of services we provide, or to schedule a free estimate, call our office now at 719-499-0491.

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