Automation Continued: Your 2018 Garage Door from Above the Rest Garage Door Repair

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Automation Continued: Your 2018 Garage Door from Above the Rest Garage Door Repair

We’re official in the era of augmented reality and automation to the max, from asking ‘Alexa’ to order dog food to timing your holiday lights to match last season’s Game of Thrones score, homeowners are overwhelmingly on board with mechanization and making everyday life in the home that much easier. At Above the Rest Garage Door Repair, our team believes that innovation should not be restricted to what’s inside your home, nor should your garage door be overlooked as you continue to make your house smarter.

One easy way to upgrade your garage door in 2018 is to install an automatic garage door. Sure, you have your standard door that works just fine, and if you come from a more temperate area, being exposed to the outdoors when opening and closing your garage is not a big deal. But in Colorado, if your door is not already automatic, you may be wasting time, money, and sacrificing comfort without upgrading to an automatic garage door.

They may be commonplace for most of the Denver area, but for those without an automatic door, the prospect of replacement can be overwhelming and stressful. After all, it’s a large and potentially costly undertaking for a home or property owner. At Above the Rest Garage Door Repair, our mission is to provide the type of service that not only leaves customers satisfied with the quality of work our experts provide, but also with the price at which it comes. Start with a simple phone call and we’ll speak to you about your options openly and candidly. After all, our top-notch reputation in the Denver area is built on our efficient service as well as our honesty and customer-first attitude when it comes to garage door repair and replacement.

Think of the security aspect to going fully automatic as well. Standard doors can lock with a key and latch, but this is hardly secure when up against even the most common burglar-to-be. Automated garage doors can add a layer of security you didn’t previously have in your home, with the ability to resist opening if the lock has been tampered with or damaged. Automatic doors can be programmed to harness the tension of the torsion springs to make opening your door that much harder without the remote that you carry.

Automatic doors also come in a variety of styles, sizes, and functions to fit every home. Steel, fiberglass, and wood doors are often the norm, and a glass door may catch the eye of a passerby, but no matter which style you go with, we want your garage door to be secure and safe for the whole family to use on a regular basis. Automation often reduces error when it comes to operating your garage door and makes for a safer user experience, even as the door begins to age. Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule with the team at Above the Rest Garage Door Repair will also add to your door’s lifespan and safety.

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