What Not to Store in Your Garage

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What Not to Store in Your Garage

Your garage is a great spot to store many different items. It’s the perfect place to keep bikes and sports equipment — shoes and jackets — tools and equipment. But there are a few things you should avoid storing in your garage. In this blog, Above The Rest Garage Door Repair will share five things you should avoid keeping in your garage,

Propane Tanks

Propane tanks are typically necessary if you want to grill, but they should not be stored in your garage. Propane tanks need plenty of room to breathe. They should be kept in a well ventilated open space. Otherwise, your propane tanks are a fire hazard.

Significant Documents

Avoid keeping significant documents in your garage. Your garage’s open space may seem like the perfect place to store critical paperwork , but it is too easy for your valuable documents to become ruined or weathered. Instead, store your paperwork inside your home preferable in a file cabinet.

Pet Food

Storing open pet food in your garage is a fast way to attract rodents and other critters. Keep your pet food in closed container inside your home. Taking this precaution will prevent your home from becoming infested with a number of different animals. Avoiding accidentally feeding pet food to pests.


Wine stores best in a cool, dark climate with high humidity. Your wine should not be exposed to extreme temperature changes. Rapid changes in climate or temperature can quickly ruin a lovely wine. For this reason, wine should not be stored in your garage. Most garages are not temperature controlled and are often exposed to light. It is very difficult (if not impossible) to store wine correctly in a garage. Instead, keep your wine a cellar or at least, your basement.


Many people keep refrigerators in their garage, but unless your garage is insulated, you may want to rethink your fridge’s location. If your garage is prone to becoming overly hot your fridge will have to work exceedingly hard to keep your food cool. In contrast, if your garage is too cold then your food may become frozen. Keep your refrigerator indoors unless your garage is insulated.

In conclusion, your garage has the capacity to store many things, but there are a few items you should avoid. Keep propane tanks, significant documents, pet food, wine, and refrigerators out of your garage. By following these tips you will avoid costly mistakes. At Above The Rest Garage Door Repair, we dedicate our blog to all things garage related.

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