4 Things to Know Before Coating Your Garage Floor With Above The Rest Garage Door Repair

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There are many benefits of sealing and coating your garage floor. A thick coat of an epoxy sealer on your garage floor will do great job of covering minor imperfections, and will preserve your garage floor from further damage. Also, epoxy deters dust, which will help keep your garage and home clean. Yes, there are many benefits of coating your garage floor, but there are also four key things you should know before doing so. 

Floor Condition

If you’re interested in sealing your garage floor, we encourage you to do so sooner rather than later. A coat of epoxy will do a brilliant job of maintaining your garage floor, and preventing further damage. It can repair a few small cracks, but it does a far better job of preventing them. It is best to coat your garage floor when it’s new, fresh. If you are interested in repairing your garage floor and then sealing it, speak to the professionals at Above The Rest Garage Door Repair. We have solutions.


Naturally, Above The Rest Garage Door Repair  is happy to seal your garage floor for you. Choosing a professional team to coat and seal your garage floor will ensure a job well done. Still, we understand that some of our customers prefer to do it themselves. If this is you, we are still happy to provide helpful advice. An important part of coating your garage floor is preparation. Before coating your floor, ensure your garage is completely clean. It’s important your garage floor looks exactly how you want it, because after it’s sealed, it will be difficult to remove any stains, dirty, or other imperfections.


If you are coating your garage floor yourself, complete your project on a warm sunny day. Nice weather will not only make the project more pleasant to complete, but it will also help the coating dry faster. When the weather is nice your floors should be able to dry in just a few hours. Use heaters and fans to further expedite this process.

Turn Out

While coating and sealing your garage floor is a lot of work, it is well worth it. A coated, sealed garage floor will last significantly longer, and increase your home’s value. Work with the professionals at Above The Rest Garage Door Repair to find a sealant that works well for your home, or remove the hassle of this DIY project, and leave it to the professionals at Above The Rest Garage Door Repair.

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