4 Things to Consider Before Building Above Your Garage

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Investing in home renovations is an expensive and transformative decision. Home renovations can increase your home’s value and provide much-needed space, but they can also be problematic: they can be especially troublesome if you are building above your garage. In this blog, Above The Rest Garage Door Repair will share four things to consider before building above your garage.

Planning Permission

Before investing in any home additions or renovations, ensure that you have planning permission. Depending on your neighborhood, you may need to secure your building plans with your local Homeowners Association. Of course, these guidelines vary depending on where you live. Regardless, securing planning permission is an important step in every home renovation project.

Attached or Detached

It’s important to consider how you will access your home’s new addition. If your garage is detached from your home you will need to install a staircase, building on top of a detached garage essentially creates an annex. This home addition is ideal for people who want to rent out an extra room in their home without sacrificing privacy.

However, if your garage is attached to your house, you ought to consider how the room will be accessed. Depending on your home’s design this may include building a staircase or inserting a new door.

Size of Garage

The size of your garage will determine many things about your new room, such as size. If your garage is smaller than clearly, the new room will be smaller too than if have a 2 or 3 car garage. Further, the size of your garage will determine the overall cost of your home renovation. Consequently, larger garages typically result in a larger but more expensive room.

Property Value

Finally, before investing the time, money, and labor into adding a new room — consider how it will improve your home’s value. Ideally, a well-executed home renovation will significantly improve your home’s value, but it’s smart to speak with realtor so you can weigh your profits and losses.

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