Beat the Heat: Garage Door Insulation

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Depending on where your home is situated, a garage can absorb a lot of heat during hot summer days in Colorado. An insulated garage door is a strong first step to cooling down the space and better preserving what’s inside.

To improve your home’s energy efficiency and better control a sweltering garage space, consider an insulated garage door from Above The Rest. Our experts can walk you through the replacement process, keeping your home’s style and orientation in mind to choose the best door for you.

If it’s not time to replace your garage door, consider installing weather sealing under your door. If dust and air are sneaking through space underneath your garage door, a weather seal strip will fill those gaps to better protect your garage and what’s inside.

Here are some things to note before adding insulation to your garage door or replacing your old door with a new one:

-Leave it to the experts: At Above The Rest garage doors, our technicians are skilled and prepared to perform any upgrades, maintenance, repairs, and replacements. The do-it-yourself approach might save you money, but it’ll also put you at risk for serious injury or lead to more modifications down the road. Garage doors are heavy and must meet certain regulatory standards for your safety and the door’s function, so it’s best to leave repair work and replacement to the pros.

It may seem like a hassle to consider adding insulation to your garage door or replacing your door completely, but the list of benefits in doing so is longer than you would think. Insulation immediately increases your home’s energy efficiency and your garage’s security. It serves a three-fold purpose: saving your money over time (despite the initial investment of replacing your door), doing good for the environment and your family’s impact on it, and keeping you and your family safe.

There are also less prominent benefits when replacing your current garage door with an insulated model. Insulated doors reduce noise travelling in from the outside (and vice versa) and are less likely to dent, keeping your home’s façade clean and looking like new. Insulated doors also lead to better climate control in your garage, making it possible to do more than just park your car inside. From home improvement projects to band practice, your garage can be home to a multitude of functions without all that extra heat inside.

If you’re interested in an insulated garage door, or have questions about adding insulation to your current garage door, call Above The Rest garage doors today and talk to one of our expert technicians. We’re happy to explain the replacement process and help you navigate toward the best decision for your home and family moving forward.

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