Gearing up for Winter

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Gearing up for Winter

It’s never too soon to prepare for the season ahead, and winter on the Front Range can pack a punch for families without the proper wintertime maintenance. One commonly overlooked aspect to getting ahead of the dry air and snowfall? Cleaning and sealing that hefty garage door.

At Above the Rest Garage Doors, we offer competitive, convenient maintenance visits for our Colorado neighbors. Generally, maintenance should happen every six months as the seasons change, or annually at the very least. This isn’t just for functionality, but also for your family’s safety and to prolong your investment over time.

There are a few easy ways to maintain your garage door on your own, although tune-up, spring replacement, and other technical fixes involving balancing, tension, and electrical aspects of your garage door should be left to the experts.

One of those ways is basic cleaning. Cleaning the garage door’s exterior and weather stripping on a regular basis will prolong the life of your door and help reveal any damages or wear from seasons past. Check weather stripping and your door for any cracks, bowing, and bent or dented parts. Reporting these issues to an expert like our technicians at Above the Rest can save you hundreds in the long term. Simple repairs can go a long way!

If your garage door has windows, you can easily check to make sure those are properly sealed to keep cold winter air out of your garage. A nasty winter storm can make any lingering damages go from bad to worse in a single night; it’s best to get out ahead of those impending issues and save your hard-earned cash in the process.

Though you should leave tune-up of your garage door’s moving and electrical parts to the experts, it’s easy to evaluate these parts on your own and judge whether to call up a technician for help. Use a dry cloth to clear your garage door’s roller tracks of any dust, random debris, or excess grease from everyday use. Do not attempt to repair or adjust torsion springs by yourself, as mishandling them can cause serious injury or death. It can also cause your garage door to stop operating properly on its own.

Check the batteries in the garage door openers, whether it’s the remote control you keep in your vehicle or house, or the wall opener mounted inside your garage. Be sure to keep extra batteries available.

If you have questions about garage door maintenance or want to learn more about our services at Above the Rest Garage Doors, give us a call today.

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