Your Garage: A Family Space?

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It’s time to think of your garage as more than a potential toolshed or man-cave. Even if it’s a space for storage in your home, a few simple upgrades can make it the perfect convertible space to entertain guests or accommodate whatever your family is up to.

First, you’ll want to make sure your garage is properly insulated. Garages are often drafty, allowing a large temperature fluctuation throughout each day. Adding insulation to the back of your door, or installing a new door with injected polystyrene insulation, is a great step toward keeping your garage space at a comfortable temperature, 24 hours a day. It’s also important to seal any unsealed openings like windows or the space between your garage door and garage floor. Weather stripping can keep out unwanted pests, dirt, and drafts in an instant, with the right installation techniques.

Next, get smart about your storage options. Want things out of the way? Try utilizing the ceiling. Hanging things like bicycles, kayaks, or even storage bins from the ceiling using hooks or shelving bolted into the ceiling can free up precious square footage below. Any shelving that sits on the ground should include covers or doors, to avoid damaging or exposing tools and toys you might keep in the garage all year long. Floating shelves, when installed properly, can handle a lot of weight. Finally, an unfinished garage space with exposed wood beams can store certain tools and recreation items like golf clubs, baseball bats, rakes, weed whackers, etc. between those exposed beams. Just use a few bungee cords to hold them upright against the wall, and you’re in business!

Then, finish your garage floor. Whether you paint it and seal it or use a garage-specific finish, a fresh coat can make your garage space more inviting and easier to clean.

Finally, make a large counter space available at waist level, but don’t fill it up just yet. Space to spread out opens the door to multiple possibilities—from becoming project central for you, your spouse, and the kids, to an easy place to display photos and favors or keep snacks at during a party or family gathering.

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