Know Your Door: Maintenance Tips for 2018

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Know Your Door: Maintenance Tips for 2018

Garage doors are underrated in that they’re a large and important part of the home and can instantly detract or add hundreds of dollars in value to your real estate investment. In fact, the garage door is often the largest moving part of a home, and serves as approximately half (depending on your living situation) of what the average person takes in when they walk or drive past your home. First, we want to thank you for reading our blog at Above the Rest Garage Door, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect garage door to compliment your home’s exterior style and your family’s lifestyle. We’re happy to walk our customers through common considerations like annual maintenance, repair schedules over the years, material, accessories, and price when it comes to choosing the best door for them. If you understand more about buying and replacing your garage door, then your satisfaction with our services are guaranteed to shine through after installation.

First, a garage door’s price often comes down to what it’s made of. At Above the Rest Garage Door, our experts are knowledgeable about trending and tried-and-true garage door materials and accessories, as well as top brands and details that will better serve your space and family. From well-insulated materials to cost-effective fiberglas models, we’ll walk you through pricing quotes for every option available to you. Speak with one of our garage door replacement experts today about the garage door you’re envisioning for your home, and we can help you take steps to make your vision a reality in 2018.

Our garage door experts will also clue you in about how to take care of your garage door throughout its lifetime. Usually, a garage door will last just under two decades when properly maintained and repaired. Life and weather happen and often bring unexpected costs, but keeping your garage door well-maintained by following the recommended repair and maintenance schedule year after year will minimize those costs. Think of it as preventative care for one of your home’s heftiest investments. Plus, we can differentiate which problems you may be able to troubleshoot yourself and which are best left to the experts. Garage doors can be dangerous when homeowners fail to properly maintain or repair them when things happen. At Above the Rest Garage Door, it’s our job to stick with you after installation and answer any questions or concerns regarding your garage door throughout its lifetime. Speaking of regular maintenance, check out our latest post: when it’s time to call Above the Rest Garage Doors.

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  1. Hello, you had provided the great tips which will be very helpful in maintaining garage doors with good care to enhance one’s home exterior. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting.

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