3 Great Reasons to Replace the Garage Door in 2017

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3 Great Reasons to Replace the Garage Door in 2017

We get it. A new garage door’s rarely at the top of your financial priorities or honey-do list. But, we’ve thought up three reasons to consider a new door before 2017 is out. Why not start fresh?

Winter is Coming

Yep, we went there. With winter on the way, there’s no better time to invest in a top-notch garage door. Your garage door is a key (and underrated) aspect to sealing your home from exterior airflow and keeping all rooms at a comfortable temperature as the days get shorter and nights get colder on the Front Range. Colorado winds aren’t just cold, they’re dry, and maintaining a comfortable level of humidity in your home is only possible with the right insulation. Ask one of our technicians about insulated doors from our selection.

Good Economics

Regardless of who you’d contribute the seller’s market to, real estate is more valuable than ever in Colorado. As a homeowner, there’s nothing you’d rather do than maximize your potential resale value in the future…right? One of those ways is with a fresh garage door to grace the front of your home. New doors add value in guaranteed longevity and function, but our assortment of doors come in a variety of styles to help reflect your style as a homeowner and designer (we all have a hidden Joanna or Chip Gaines in there somewhere.)

More Dollar Signs

Everyone wants to save money. One way is to cut your energy costs. Sure, you may be thinking the new garage door will put a dent in your savings, and you’re not wrong. But the reality is that it’s just another up-front investment to make dividends as time goes on. Over the course of a 30-year mortgage (or even 15), a new garage door can cut enough unnecessary cycles for your home heating, cooling, and humidifying systems to save you up to 30 percent on energy costs. That’s a pretty penny.

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